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- Andy, ξX Leader & Lee the noob.

Welcome to the ξχ team, a Mario Kart Wii clan of competitive fun and friendship since October 2008!
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 Sakei★Alexis I J0! N

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Sakei★Alexis       I J0! N Empty
PostSubject: Sakei★Alexis I J0! N   Sakei★Alexis       I J0! N Icon_minitimeFri Nov 29, 2013 5:45 am

+-----I am 14 years old i'm semi-pro (not the best, not the worst  )
I have 3 stars  
Fc 0348 1150 0874
I have not been in a clan (really want to)
I a 100% loyal
I always use: funky kong/ daisy: Bowser bike/ mach bike
I have about 9999vr/8156br
I use a wii mote and nunchuk controller (only way to win  )
I m  always available as I don't really do muchI enjoy the idea of being in a clan ([ξχ] for instance)
I really enjoy: maple treeway, luigi circuit, racing (duh...)
I always have fun (always talkative probably will help)
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Sakei★Alexis I J0! N
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