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Welcome to the ξχ team, a Mario Kart Wii clan of competitive fun and friendship since October 2008!
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 i would like to join Team elite X

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PostSubject: i would like to join Team elite X   Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:29 pm

I am a big mariokart advicate. I used to play competitive mariokart a couple years ago, but stopped due to time constraints, but i am now back and getting competitive again. I used to be on TKC. I have two stars, i use wii mote nunchuck and main funky kong-flamerunner. My second is Daisy-mach bike. no i dont have >9000 vr, but that is because most the time i play online i am goofing around. it used to be 9999, but it is now in the 8000's. Very Happy
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i would like to join Team elite X
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