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 Victron Energy and BEP Marine

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Victron Energy and BEP Marine Empty
PostSubject: Victron Energy and BEP Marine   Victron Energy and BEP Marine Icon_minitimeFri Apr 01, 2011 12:24 am

In order to facilitate the integration of Victron products with BEP’s CZone system, Victron Energy has started cooperation with BEP marine. CZone is a digital networked power control and monitoring system. It uses a common NMEA 2000 CAN bus to replace complex inter-helm wiring with a single data wire to shorten cable runs and to reduce the size of conductors.

Victron Energy says that the system is scalable on boats ranging from 25ft to 90ft. The modules can also be easily added to best suit the OEM’s and end user’s needs. The company said that soon their equipment can be connected to BEP Marine’s CZone system to allow controlling and monitoring of the Victron Quattro’s, inverters and inverter/chargers.

Victron Energy supplies autonomous off-grid installations for the marine, automotive, off-grid and mobility markets. It is also a consistent, quality representative in fuel distribution. They are one of the largest Shell distributors in Texas and one of the largest Exxon distributors in the United States. Besides fuel distribution they also own, lease and co-partner with a multitude of retail fuel service stations and convenience stores. Car washes, oil and lube centers, Texas souvenir gift shops and many major food franchises are also included. One of their biggest sellers is ‘Texas Best Smokehouse’ jerky. The major food franchises that co-brand with Victron Energy are McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Subway, Pizza Inn, Sonic, Denny’s and Church’s Chicken. Victron Energy provides an array of comprehensive and sensible business solutions. Ali Sharaf, owner of Victron Energy, gives top priority to customer service and has thus established a stable financial position.
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Victron Energy and BEP Marine
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