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 Tryout for Elite X

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PostSubject: Tryout for Elite X   Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:53 am

Hello everybody! My name is Robert and I'm from Mexico. I want to tryout for Elite X.

★☆★☆Mario Kart Wii Data☆★☆
├Friend Code: 2107 - 5995 - 1358
├Name: Brolic4JPN
├Rank: ★★★ (Achieved 27/2/11 21hrs.)
├VR: 9,000+'s
├BR: 6,000's
├Favourite Character: Funky Kong
├Favourite Bike: Flame Runner
├Favourite Kart: Wild Wing
├LC TA: 1:11:744
└Controller: GCN

My YouTube Channel: (Former Channel)

I have been playing MKWii for 3 months so my videos suck, still, I'm not giving up! Practice makes Perfect (:.

Thank you,

- Brolic

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Tryout for Elite X
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