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 War techniques ans other

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PostSubject: War techniques ans other    Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:57 am

very untidy atm

Shock dodge
items required: Lightning+Mega/Star/Bullet
Situation: Any
What it is: Simple enough strat tbh, someone on your team uses a protective item while you use the shock, the peopel safe from the shock advance up the field awesomely
Dangers: Be careful, dont use the shock when an opponent is in Mega/Star/Bullet or you will help them out....Also the shock may help 1 teamate but doom another of your teamates so play wisely
Best tracks for it: if teamate is a star anytrack with offroad and a lot of, but it is a technique usuable on any track
Usefulness: 5/10--->10/10

Team Draft
Items required: None
What is it: a teamate ahead of you purposly lets you get a draft boost from them, it helps 2 man frontrunning a lot
Dangers: hitting each other while the boost is charging or during the boost, also the booster may hit a wall due to the extra speed at times
Best/Worst tracks: The long striaghttracks like rDS and MC love this, and the BC3 last straight....however tracks like BC and other tight tracks will not liek this as much
Usefulness: 4/10

WILL ADD MORE LATER, (I have a lot to add)
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PostSubject: Re: War techniques ans other    Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:08 am

Indeed you do, Martin.
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War techniques ans other
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