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- Andy, ξX Leader & Lee the noob.

Welcome to the ξχ team, a Mario Kart Wii clan of competitive fun and friendship since October 2008!
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 Would like to join!!!!!

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PostSubject: Would like to join!!!!!   Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:43 pm

Hey guys my in-game name is Velocita (changed a little with different looking letters to make it look cooler) and i would love to join your clan!
Here are my stats:

VR Rating: 8xxx (growing)
Fav. Character: Daisy
Play time: 4-5+ hours daily (exception: vacations)
WFC wins: 1,027 (growing all the time)
FC: 0903 - 9624 - 6725

As you guys can see i play lots every day and my skills are improving all the time aswell! I think i would be a good player to have in this clan and i hope to see you soon!
Please reply as soon as possible so i can tell if i get in! sunny
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Would like to join!!!!!
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